Exhibition /001 - Nostalgia

SkaldaAI’s inaugural exhibition explores the concept of nostalgia and celebrates the inherent power of this idea as a catalyst for deep reflection and meaningful dialogue in this new age of Artificial Intelligence.



Chris Maestas (a.k.a @0_0_0_9_)

Chris Maestas


Nostalgia drop curator

  SkaldaAI's inaugural exhibition explores nostalgia. As AI accelerates our thought of the future, it also asks us to reexamine the past, compelling us to think about the intricate ways in which our relationship with memory and history are reshaped by technological progress. For Nostalgia , we've curated a select group of artists who produced bodies of work through the lens of AI, drawing inspiration from their own personal photographic archives.

Lily Illo


Aug 28th: 12pm EST

Lilyillo is an Australian multidisciplinary artist whose work has explored watercolor, drawing prior to adopting AI as her primary medium. Her work explores personal stories, identity, and notions of finding meaning in craftsmanship. In addition to her blockchain-based art, Lilyillo has exhibited her work widely.

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Ghassan Naji


Aug 29th: 12pm EST

Ghassan Naji is a post-photographic artist and former art director who defies norms through experimental AI work inspired by magical realism and Sufi poetry. Bridging classical photography and color field painting, his art illuminates light, color, and form with sensitivity and nuance.

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Delta Sauce


Aug 30th: 12pm EST

The work of Delta Sauce began with roots in woodworking, pottery, sculpture before adopting digital art as his primary practice. Influenced by cinematic storytelling, his work depicts quiet, stoic moments charged with emotional energy. His work is often defined by classical, minimalistic, and high-realist compositions.

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Negar Sepehr


Aug 31st: 12pm EST

Negar Sepehr is a Tehran-based artist whose work is inspired by advocacy for womens’ and LGBTQ rights in Iran. Originally developing a practice in oil painting and calligraphy, her AI work intertwines female subjects with vibrant, expressionist color to elevate moments of ordinary life.

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Kirill Semenovich


Sept 1st: 12pm EST

Belarusian artist Kirill Semenovich has evolved from a Bauhaus-trained abstract painter to AI-infused NFT creator. Influenced by spiritual motifs and minimalism, his work explores digital expressionism by bridging spirituality, imagination, and contemporary culture.

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